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Advice for high school students pursuing career in education

I'm a junior who is interested in studying education at college and pursuing a career in that field as well. I mainly want to focus in educational policy and administration. I don't see this path to be a popular one and online and student advice for this is rare. I hoping that I can get other student's either in college or high school who can give me advice on how to get into colleges by demonstrating this interest.

Here is my advice:

I started tutoring after school in my neighborhood and helping middle school students with work.

I became a teacher advisor at my elementary school and SPECIFICALLY focused on social studies.

I read a lot of books on topics of teaching and education

Talked to my teachers a ton about this ( they all had a similar path like me)

Became a frisbee coach for my old middle school

Since I live in D.C., I applied for a summer internship in DOE and hoping to get in.


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7 months ago

Showing your passion for education and telling a story through your application about what got you interested in it can help you stand out from other applicants. Having most of your extracurriculars be related to education/teaching and being a well-rounded student can help your application as well. Additionally, since there are not as many students pursuing a career in education, you may have a leg-up over other applicants. Hope this helps!


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