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Which colleges are best for finance?

Hi! I am considering colleges right now but I'm not sure which ones will help me best land a job in investment banking. Any advice helps. Thank you!


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3 years ago

If your goal is to land a front office investment banking job, the first thing I would look at is where the Top 3 IBs recruit from.

Goldman Sachs

UPenn, NYU, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Stanford

JPMorgan Chase

NYU, Columbia, UPenn, Baruch, MIT, Harvard, UChicago, Stanford

Morgan Stanley

NYU, Columbia, UPenn, Cornell, Baruch, Harvard, Georgetown, Duke

As you can clearly see there are better choices than Williams and MIT. I would seriously pick NYU (Stern), Columbia, UPenn (Wharton), Cornell (SC Johnson), or Harvard over MIT and Williams. If you wanted to be a management consultant and work at Bain & Co, McKinsey, Boston, I'd consider Williams or MIT. I think the best proving grounds would be to go to a top school in Manhattan like NYU and Columbia because you have direct physical access to Park Avenue and Wall Street firms that you can connect with during the school year. Being present and available is a big part of getting recruited by these firms. Plus you can network with NYU and Columbia alumni who can give you the inside track while you are doing your undergraduate work. Knowing someone who works at these places will be an invaluable connection when it comes time to apply because they can vouch for you.

Just my 2 cents.

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