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How many days do you have to wait to receive mail that you got accepted or denied into college.

I attend Mount Pleasant High School and I am in the 9th grade.

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Well, It usually depends. Colleges look at applications differently like an Ivy League school might take longer than a non-ivy League college. What college are you looking at?

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First off, when do college acceptance letters arrive, broadly speaking?

While the answer to this question really depends on what colleges you're applying to, in general, most decisions come out in the springtime, that is, in either March or early April.

The latest you might hear back from a college will be the first week of April. This is because most schools require decisions from applicants on where they want to attend by May 1.

Some colleges work together to release their decisions at the same time. The Ivy League, which is composed of eight highly prestigious colleges, releases its decisions on "Ivy Day," a specific day at the end of March (note that the exact date changes each year).

But what if you applied to a college early action or early decision? In these cases, since applications are due earlier (usually in November), you can expect an earlier decision notification as well—usually around December.

Some schools offer secondary early decision plans called Early Decision II for which applications are due a little bit later, usually in January. For these plans, decisions should come out around February.


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