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I am a high school junior. I've been nominated to represent my state for numerous organizations, awarded by the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, and recommended to join countless services. Sounds awesome, right? The downside to it all is that my home-life is busy. I'm not able to join any school clubs or accept any nominations. Money is the biggest challenge (nobody wants to pay $500 to fly to California for one event on one day). Determination and dedication are my middle names, though. I put every ounce of effort into everything that I do (whether it's at work or school). Will admissions officers recognize the potential or will they simply look at my app and deny me? I'm also in my school's choir, I've been class president, and I've read to kids at a library (only twice, and that was during school hours).


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7 months ago

Hello Donovan!

I'm a high school senior and from what I have seen from my college application process, colleges really do want to help a student pay for college if they are struggling. Colleges usually give you extra room on an application to explain your situation (if not you can always email the financial aid office). I would still include all that you mentioned above in your application because it shows how great and determined of a student you are. You may also want to show colleges what you are doing to help save enough money due to your financial situation. Mention that you have a part-time job (if you have one) to show them that you are determined to save money and that you haven't given up. I know that Brown University offers free tuition for any family that makes less than $60,000 I believe is the amount, so there is still lots of hope. In the end, don't worry. Everything will work out and you will end up where you are meant to be!

Hope this helps!


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