7 months ago
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Any college consultant recommendations?

I really want to join a college consulting program. However, I will have to pay for it myself, and there are many options. Are there any college consultants/consulting companies that you would recommend, particularly those that help you build an impressive resume through research internships or admission into selective programs? (Preferably under $2,500.)

7 months ago

Just a clarifying question: are you looking for the service to help you build an impressive resume based on what you've already done or are you hoping that the consultant will be able to get you into internships or selective programs? Or are you hoping they will give you the steps/ideas needed to set you on the path which will get you accepted into internships/programs?

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6 months ago

Most consulting programs won't be able to help you get internships or get into selective programs - they can help you apply for them and maybe give you guidance, but I don't know of any that are connected to internships or selective programs. Some consulting programs may be able to help you plan an impressive extracurricular profile though and provide mentorship to help you meet your goals. I don't know of any specific ones though, unfortunately!


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