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How do you build a resume to get into extracurricular activities?

Hello! I am attempting to get into a variety of selective programs such as the Senate Page Program, National Battlefield Trust Youth Leadership Team, Economics for Leaders, Clark Scholars Program, and internships at universities. However, all of these require impressive credentials. How do I build a resume that will allow me to build momentum and get into some of these programs without getting into something on the first place? Thanks!


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8 months ago

Start local! Look for leadership roles in clubs at your school, or try starting your own club! This demonstrates initiative and the leadership skills (obviously) that every successful applicant to a top university has. If there aren't any such opportunities at your own school, look into the community. Is there a need that needs to be filled in your town? Is there a community organization that's looking fo extra help? You can also try contacting these organizations to see if they are looking for any interns/lead volunteers.

If you want to get into a program like the Senate Page Program, try contacting your U.S. congressperson or state representative to see if they are looking for interns. You can also contact local campaigns to see if they are looking for field organizers, fellows, or interns. You can also organize a voter registration drive at your school as some states will let teenagers pre-register to vote.

Best of luck!


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