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My passion is writing and drawing so l have already done content writing internship, blogging, novel writing

And have made you tube videos and exhibition for art. I want to get into ivy colleges what more i can do for getting into it?


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3 months ago

My best advice would be to scale up your activities so that you can show tangible results.

For your blog, try to get to a good total word count (like 20,000 words) and amass a good-sized following (>1,000 regular readers, followers, subscribers, etc.).

For your novel, you could try to get it published if you think it's of a high enough quality. If you have the means to do the whole professional literary agent thing, then do that, but you can also just self-publish, promote as much as you can, and try to get a good number of book sales.

It would also be great if your YouTube channel was really big (>10,000 subscribers) since that's another tangible measure of success.

In terms of other ideas, you could start an original project like an organization bringing together writers for a specific cause, a literary project that you work on for something and get it published or recognized somehow. These are all just suggestions, and the best spike or passion project for you is probably going to be one you think of yourself. You don't have to do all of them, but my best tip is to work on one of these for now but to continue thinking about what other big cool tangible you want to do and then do it once you figure out a concrete plan that you're really really in love with.

Hope this helped!

3 months ago

I'd recommend some summer writing programs, but the deadlines for anything good passed a while ago. The Adroit Journal Mentorship deadline passed about a week ago, but I recommend you keep an eye out for it next year. It's quite prestigious. There is also the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, which happens during the school year, that I recommend you keep an eye out for. I also recommend pitching a story idea to a newspaper. Depending on who accepts you, that can also be a prestigious extracurricular. I'm far more associated with writing extracircculars than writing ones.


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