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How to calculate my GPA having my grades in a different grading system than the US?

I will complete my High School in a Mexican one, my transcript is utterly different than yours, I don't have credits, I don't have course types i.e. AP, IB, Honors, College-Level Courses, etc; hence the distinction between weighted and unweighted GPA does not exist in Mexico.

Because of this, calculating my GPA is complicated because I need that information e.i. course type, credits, etc. but that doesn't apply for me at least as I know.

Here is my transcript from freshmen to junior year: https://imgur.com/TliYBgi, as you can see is a different grading system than yours and because of that I'm stuck calculating my GPA.

Lastly, I tried Scholarlo to calculate my GPA but requires credits which I don't have in my transcript, I would like an unweighted GPA calculator that doesn't require course type nor credits a simple one applicable to me. Any tips on how to calculate GPA?

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10 months ago

The Mexican grade scale is based on 10.0 Pts so it's very similar to US Schools that use a 100.0 Pt Scale, just multiply by 10.

So an A is 9.0-10.0 (90-100%), a B is 8.0-8.90 (80-89%), a C is 7.0-7.9 (70-79%) and a D is 6.0-6.9 (60-69% barely passing) and a F is 0-5.9 (0-59%).

In the US an A is worth 4.0 pts, a B is worth 3.0 pts, a C is worth 2.0 pts, and D is worth 1.0 pts and you get 0.0 Pts for an F.

According to your transcript, you have no A-,B+,B-,C+,C-,D+ grades because they are given in whole numbers. Therefore I just used A,B,C,D,F grades not half-step grades.

During your 1st semester you had a GPA of 2. 142, 2nd semester 2.428, 3rd semester 2.714, and 4th semester 3.714 GPA.

You are showing a significant improvement in your grades from being a C student to an A student.

Since you have 3 or 4 semesters of HS to report in the future, stay on the A student track and you will do well during your college application process. Currently, your combined GPA is 2.75 which is lower than most college applicants however if you continue to get As and I can see that your combined GPA will be above 3.00 perhaps 3.25 if you continue to get straight As.

Hope that helps and good luck with your future HS work and college applications.


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