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Where should I calculate my international GPA?

My GPA is currently at a 2.65 (someone else counted it out for me) and my SAT is a 1040. Math is 440 and English 600.

I have graduated high school but I’m retaking some classes in order to get a higher grade.

How much would I have to improve to have a chance at a decent college?

I’m not naive so I know I won’t be getting in to any great colleges, but I would like to have a shot at a decent one.

I’m also an international student. My country’s grade system is A-E which is all passing grades and then F for failing.

How do colleges calculate international students grades to American gpa?

And where can I calculate my GPA so that I can compare this to different colleges average, what’s the best site or GPA calculator to do that?

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6 months ago

Your GPA conversion will depend on the country since different countries have different scales - where are you based?

If you can improve your GPA to a 3.0, you would have a better shot, though it will be harder to get in as international student. Here are some colleges with an average 3.0 GPA: https://blog.collegevine.com/colleges-you-can-go-to-with-a-3-0/

Once you have your GPA, you can filter for schools based on your chances using our school search tool! The filters are in the left-hand corner. We don't have a GPA filter, but you can search for schools based on whether they're targets, reaches, or safeties. You'd just need to fill our your chancing profile as complete as possible.


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