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Can I raise my GPA from a 2.6 to a 3.9 by my senior year?

I am a Sophomore in high school and currently have a 2.6 GPA (due to some personal things that impacted my academics). I have big dreams of being a surgeon but need advice on how to raise my GPA; by a lot. Please help!

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3 years ago

Although you likely won't be able to raise your 2.6 to a 3.9, you could definitely get it past a 3.0 unweighted by getting straight A's throughout the rest of high school. Really focus on your junior year, and take the most challenging classes that are available to you. AP, IB, AICE, Dual Enrollment, and Honors classes tend to have a heavier weight, so by getting straight As in classes like those, you may have a good chance at getting your weighted GPA to above a 3.5 and possibly closer to a 4.0.

Focus on the remainder of your sophomore year! Find meaningful extracurriculars that can compensate for your GPA, and try your best on the SAT/ACT. There are also additional information sections on college applications where you can explain your low GPA. Colleges love to see a good comeback, so make sure you keep up your grades throughout the rest of high school!

Lastly, you don't need to have excellent high school grades to become a surgeon nor do you have to go to a top school. College grades matter to medical schools, and the top medical schools don't judge you based upon the college you went to for undergrad. For now, focus on your grades and other parts of your college application, and I wish you the best of luck!

3 years ago

No, you can not however if you get a consecutive 4.0 GPA (straight As for the next 3 semesters you can it up to a 3.3 GPA which will be a B+ rather than a C+ gpa. If you have great ECs, essays, recommendations,s, and other spikes, you may be able to get into a very good college. Also, try to take the SAT or ACT because that will help you if your GPA is not that great. If you are applying to colleges that have a middle 50% percentile score of say 1150-1350 or 23-29, aim for the 1350 or 29 because that will help make up some academic aptitude.

Hope that helps.

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