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What schools are best for someone who wants to study business law and/or architecture?

I'm a high school sophomore and are wondering what schools have really good business and architecture programs? Preferably in the South, but anywhere is fine.

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2 answers

2 years ago

Im interested in the architechure field the ones in the midwest are

Ball St munice indiana

K st manhattan kansas

2 years ago

Though I'm not pursuing a career in business nor in architecture I do know some people in my church who have a degree in business. I know one member in my church who graduated with in Georgia tech with a degree in business. I believe that the business school there is really good but it also is pretty competitive so keep that in mind. Another option would be UT Austin. I don't closely know the people's majors in my church but I know lots of them have graduated from that school and have loved it. I personally am interested in the school too and believe it offers great education for any field of study. Those would be the top two choices I would recommend you, here's a list of other schools I recommend you to see as well.


-Virginia Tech


-University of Florida


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