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4 year high school plan but with no idea what career I want

Hello! So I've been hearing about a "four-year plan" and how freshmen have planned out the classes and extracurriculars they need to get into the college I want. The thing is, I don't know what colleges I want or want I want to be when I grow up for that matter. So how should I approach my next three years?

I'm already a freshman in high school but I still have no idea what or where I want to end up. I'm looking into the health industry or maybe psychology or neuroscience but I really don't know anything other than that. Anybody have advice or resources I should lookup?

I'm a high school freshman, by the way, and in the IB program. I don't really do any extracurriculars except for maybe an art writing program from my local museum and art as a hobby. I want to try to look more into dedicating myself to one thing but I can't seem to find anything that really fits me ;(

So far I have all As in academics, but I feel like I don't have anything special that makes me stand out for colleges. I'm also pretty shy and find it hard to put myself out there, so it's been pretty hard finding something that suits me.

I would really love it if anybody can shoot me some suggestions for some extracurricular activities or just some advice in general!!

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So for freshmen Id largely recommend finding what genre you want to get into as a career. So if you know you want to go into STEM try finding extracurriculars classes that can grant you experience in that area. Also, try to find a stand out extracurricular that highlights a passion for example mine is debate which I compete nationally in. It ca be an internship, leadership in a club or something else. Also maintain your grades and have good mental health. Also Id recommend you try to join about 5 extracurriculars by end of sophomore year and they can range from hobbies to national competitions. A rule of thumb for knowing what one is is that A: its non class-based B: you have regular involvement in it. So if you regularly care for a younger sibling that counts.

Also, know what prerequisites required for classes you want to take and what you need for graduation. My school mandates an art class and as someone whos not at all interested in art I took it first semester so it is out of the way and so as I narrow down what I want to do I can take those classes instead of the ones required for graduation. Also as someone interested in going into STEM my school offers civil engineering A&B but it has 2 prerequisites so I made sure to take them.

Hope this helps and congrats on starting early.

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