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Wondering about how teacher recommendations work

I'm a Sophomore and am wondering how does teacher recommendations work. I am confused whether your teacher that you choose is writing for a specific school or for you going to college in general. I am also panning to get recommendations from teachers that I have and will be having for junior year and am wondering if that is a good idea.

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4 years ago

You will usually ask a teacher to write you a recommendation letter, and then you can send it to any colleges you're applying to. If there is a teacher that knows you well who is an alumnus of a college you want to go to, you could tell them that and have them write a letter specifically for that school. As for who to ask, some colleges will only accept letters of recommendation from core curriculum teachers, but not all. It's usually good to have at least one letter from a core curriculum teacher and another from a teacher of your choice, just make sure you know if the school will accept it. It's best that the teacher knows you well, has written recommendation letters before, and is able to talk about the good skills and qualities you have as a student and as a person.

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I was going to answer this question myself but, I realized I had a better source; so, here you go:

Who to Ask

Use the criteria below when selecting teachers to ask for recommendations. If you answer “no” to many of the questions below, consider asking another teacher for a recommendation.

Did they teach you recently?

Did they teach you in a core academic subject?

Did you do well in their class, or improve dramatically?

Did they agree to write the letter without hesitation?

Do they know you outside of the classroom?

Do they have time to finish a letter before the deadline?

When to Ask

Your teachers and counsellors will be writing recommendations for other students as well, so provide them with ample time to complete your recommendation. In general, you should ask recommenders at least two to three weeks before the deadline. One month prior or more is preferable.

How to Ask

Asking for a recommendation in-person is always preferable. First, ask if they feel comfortable writing you a strong recommendation. If the answer is no, make sure you have enough time to ask someone else.

It is a good idea to provide your recommenders with a packet of information about yourself, including some combination of the following:

Why you are interested in applying through QuestBridge

A list of colleges to which you are applying

An activities resume

Your transcript

A draft of your college application personal essay

Personal information such as your family situation

“Thank you in advance” note

Following Up

Check back with your recommenders to ensure everything is going well, to see if they have questions, and to give them friendly reminders about deadlines. After the recommendation is submitted, keep your educator updated about the results of your college application process. Remember, you may need to ask your teacher or counsellor for another recommendation at a later time, either for another application or scholarship.

I hope it helps a lot. some few important things:

You can choose any teacher for any school, as long as they fit the criteria of who to ask. Teacher recommendations are usually different from counsellor recommendation. Me, for example, has had 4 different teachers (I am loved) write 4 different letters for 4 different colleges and scholarships.

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