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CollegeVine Admission chancing calculator is not international friendly?

Calculating my admission chances solicits me the number of AP/IB classes, honors classes, and college courses but in my case, in Mexico, we don't have these course types e.i. AP, IB, honors, etc.

I tried to left it blank unanswered this part of the form but is a required field https://imgur.com/olTmCdY, I improvised by putting zero AP/IB, zero college courses, and zero honors classes but as a result, I get this: https://imgur.com/ccxFqh4, as you can see the chancing calculator is considering my coursework so poorly that is lowering my chances of admissions to my Dream School despite not being applicable to me. The chancing calculator is not taking into account that I'm studying in an overseas High School with a different educational system where does not exist AP, IB, you name it, exists a solution for the problem? Or I suppose the chancing calculator was built in mind for American Highschoolers and not for international fellows and just give up the coursework problem of the chancing calculator.


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7 months ago

Most of the CV users that use the chancing calculator are Americans because this website was originally built to serve this client base.

I'm sure that CV will sometime in the future create an International chancing calculator but I don't know when that will be.

If you are interested in a set of colleges, it would be wise and best to go to their websites and research what the requirements are for International Students. Also, contact them directly if there are unanswered questions you still have.

By the way, the IB course system is a European system that has been introduced to Mexico since 1980 and there are 119 schools in Mexico that offer IB courses. Perhaps you can take online classes at one of these schools or transfer to one of these schools. Most teach IB coursework in Spanish as well.



I think that would help your course rigor more than trying to take American AP courses from Mexico either online HS or online MOOC like eDx.org. Plus these are only taught in English so unless you are perfectly fluent, they might be challenging to take and get tested in.

Hope that helps.

7 months ago[edited]

@pablo.ramos, my apologies that this aspect of the chancing engine doesn't quite fit your high school experience. My best advice would be to try to fit your courses into these categories based on how rigorous they are. (IE. very challenging classes might be AP-level, medium challenging classes might be honors, non-challenging classes might be regular.) If you go to a school in which all of your classes are predetermined, I might consider listing all of them as honors-level.

7 months ago

So if possible indicate your school doesnt offer AP/IB and then run it bt as cameron said CV is an American focused site. Another alternative to guesstimate your chances is to google insert school common data set and compare your stats with the data in section C primarily GPA. Hope this helps!


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