3 years ago
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Getting a C in Ap Chem

Hello guys I am nervous about my GPA. I am in my 1 semester of chem Ap. I got a 79. For the rest of my classes I got straight A's. If I pull this up in to a B in the second(last semester) will that help my GPA. Is getting 1 C going to kill my college chances

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@OFHanson3 years ago

A “C” on your transcript is the end of the world!! No not really, and simply because AP Chem. is understandably a difficult course across the board. However, one neat trick would be to “ask your counselor to RETAKE the course (meaning 3 semesters) to replace the lacking grade.” In college, this is allowable but with repayment toward that course and a replacement grade. I assume the same could be possible for an high school AP Chem. course.

@aryaYa year ago

but how can you retake a highschool class WITB having a passing grade. C counts as passings. Also if you were to fail and retake, wouldn’t your replacement grade show? Is there any possible way to retake the class and replace the grade without college admissions knowing?

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3 years ago

Calm down, ur fine. I got a C+(literally a 79 like your AP Chem grade) in Chinese class when I am Chinese myself and a C+ in Geometry but my GPA still places me at the top 10% of my school. That one C won't do much to your GPA as long as you do well in your other classes and next few years (assuming you aren't a senior right now). Also note that AP Chem is known to be one of the hardest AP courses so colleges might be lenient. Btw, you can always make up for the poor grade by doing well on the AP exam. It might let the admissions people make an excuse for you (I am just making this up and I could be wrong), "wow, he/she must have had a hard teacher then because he/she scored a 5 on the AP exam but got a 79 for AP Chem." Overall, I think you're gonna be okay and that one C won't be a make or break for you. As long as you have extracurriculars, a good GPA, and nice essays, colleges will consider you. Don't stress about the one grade but if you have the ability to change it to a B do so as it is better than leaving it as a C.

3 years ago

I think it is unlikely to affect your chances hugely. Several things to consider:

- Are you applying to a STEM major? If you aren't, this certainly isn't cause for concern - maybe chemistry just isn't your thing, and that's completely OK.

- Are you a junior or senior? If you're a sophomore, it certainly isn't as significant as if you are a junior or senior.

- Are others around you also struggling with AP Chem? This is what happened in my school, and in this case, a C isn't super meaningful in and of itself.

Moreover, I think that if you are able to pull your 79 up to a decent grade, that shows a lot of growth and effort, and I think that most good universities recognize that.

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