3 years ago
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How do I bring up my SAT score

I am a sophomore in high school and have taken the PSAT 3 times. I have been in the 900’s with my highest being this year at a 960.

I really want to be able to compete with other students at ivy league and prestigious schools when I apply for College. Also getting a high score will allow me to get in to any school in my state with ease.

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3 years ago

1.) You need to enroll in Khan Academy and do all the SAT exercises and get better and better at taking the test and understanding all the material.

2.) You need to buy the SAT Official Guide and Practice Tests.

3.) The other great book I've used is the College Panda Series for Math and Reading and Writing.

4.) Erica Meltzer SAT for Reading a must-book to master.

5.) If you have the time and money, invest in SuperTutorTvs 12 month Best SAT Course. That is the best online tutoring course out there.

If you focus on these 5 things like it was your summer job from the time school is out in June until October when you take the Real PSAT, you should see an improvement on your PSAT of 200-250 points. So you should be in the 1150-1200 range. It's not going to be good enough for Ivys or Elites but if you keep working on it you might be able to get to the 1300-1400 range for an SAT score and that will get you into 95% of the colleges out there.

Good luck.

3 years ago

I know it seems strange but getting a high score won’t actually guarantee you admission to high colleges. Harvard rejects one out of four perfect ACT scores and Penn rejects three out of five valedictorians. In some ways, your extracurriculares can speak louder than scores you get. I 100% believe that you can raise your score through hard work and studying but make sure that you’re doing something that you’re interested. In that way, your ECs can almost make up for (slightly) lower test scores!

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