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When should I start applying and take the SAT?

I am a freshman graduating High School in 2024...But I already know what I want to major and minor in, as well as what schools offer my major and minor. When should I start the application process along with take the SAT's?

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3 years ago

Take your first SAT at the end of your sophomore year (June 2022). That way you have a good baseline and can study from there. Studying for the SAT will help you with your PSAT, so that's a double bonus going into your Junior year.

The college application process can not start until after your Junior year. Sure, you can look at schools, visit, do research, etc. but the actual application process can not begin until that year's applications open. Many rolling admissions schools will open applications in July. But Common App doesn't open until October 2023 for your graduating year. You can get the Common App prompts ahead of the Common App opening and begin working on drafts and outlines, but you can't submit through Common App until it opens for your year.

As for SAT Subject Tests, many schools are removing them from their application evaluation so they don't play as big a role as they had in the past.

3 years ago

It’s almost a commonality amongst all US high schools that students take the SAT their Junior year. However, it is much more ideal to receive practice and preparation even before that upcoming date to familiarize yourself with the test construct. In your case as a first year student, I suggest taking the PSAT your sophomore and junior year (junior year it is synonymously the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Exam [NMSQT]). Meanwhile, you can also take an official SAT during any academic year typically once a month from Sept.-Dec. and from March-May.

In all essentiality, it doesn’t matter how early you practice, but how you plan to practice over the course of the following months/years leading to. It is, anyhow, a great idea to take one early to establish your strengths and weaknesses. No matter what the first score is, from there you can only go up!

Furthermore, since you already know what you intend to study in college, I strongly recommend SAT Subject Tests for strongly competitive schools if you wish to apply.

Hope this helps!

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