7 months ago
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How can I improve my ACT score drastically? (24 to 29)

To get into my dream school I need at least a 29 on the ACT. I got a 25 in both Math and English, a 24 in Reading, and a 22 in Science: making it an overall 24...

If you have any tips on how to improve, please let me know! Thanks :)


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7 months ago

If you are junior you still have time to take ACT test this summer/fall.

Following books are very helpful-

College Panda ACT prep and ACT black book. After you have practiced these books, do full length tests over summer. At least 5 to get the timing right.

ACT questions are easier than SAT ones and if you can master the time management you can get your points up by 6 at least. Good luck.


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