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A question about extracurriculars

I'm supposed to be moving to the USA from Brazil for my senior year. Unfortunately, Brazilian schools don't put a lot of emphasis on extracurriculars and are more grade-driven, and my school in specific didn't have any extracurricular activities, and even if it did, there wouldn't have been time to participate because the schedule is quite hectic.

I've already not taken the SAT in my junior year, so I'm supposed to be taking it in August once I arrive in the USA just to practice, and if I need a better score, I might take it again in October. I don't know what my GPA is, but I basically get straight As here and I'm not too worried about my SAT test score, but what's eating at me is my lack of ECs. I've done a few things here and there but not enough to impress any college, I think.

I would try to start an internship or work at a volunteer program right now, but with the whole coronavirus situation, it's extremely difficult. And I'm having some financial troubles anyway. Would it be too late to start anything in my senior year?

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4 years ago

It not too late but most of the mid tier colleges such as UFlorida UIowa Fresno st etc will understand if you tell them about the lack of ECs as lon as other aspects are strong

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