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I have a vague idea of how much Brown values extracurriculars vs. GPA vs. SAT/ACT vs. exam scores from the chancing profile, but no real assessment from an admissions officer/Brown-enrolled student at all. How much weight does Brown give to those listed above (and any I forgot)?

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9 months ago

GPA average for Brown is pretty high compared to the other Ivies and SAT/ACT's ranging in the middle. Judging by their use of a Pass/Fail system, I'm assuming that your high school grades and test scores will still be taken into heavy consideration but that overall they want to promote experimentation and exploration as you attend college there. This means that they'll be on the lookout for students who excel in their extracurriculars more so than their grades. With Brown's reputation as a chill and creative campus, try and find unique ways to innovate on your passions and interests to really stand out from the crowd of varsity athletes and class presidents that will dominate Ivy college applications :)


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