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If I plan to major in aerospace engineering, specifically areonautical engineering, should I take AP Physics C?

Senior year I would be taking AP calc bc, ap gov, ap economics, and ap english 4. Would it be worth it to take physics c or will I be ok going in to college and taking their courses with no physics c. I am pretty strong at ap physics 1.

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7 months ago


You should definitely go for AP Physics C, especially since it is a Calculus based class. I even know some colleges who explicitly say that taking AP Physics C (over the algebra based AP Physics 1 and 2) is preferred. So if you are up for the challenge taking AP Physics C is probably going to put you at an advantage in admissions and in college.

If you are having doubts about the workload, dropping one of the other AP classes (not Calc) might be another option, since you seem set on studying engineering.

Hope that answers your questions!


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