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04/07/2020 at 07:45PM

How do I build/improve my extracurriculars to be accepted into prestigious institutions?

I am thinking of going into medicine, possibly an 8 year/ 7year program (really low acceptance rate). I'm Indian and I come from a relatively competitive area. I'm currently in 9th grade and did comparative anatomy research at a college lab last summer. I am in Science Olympiad, play Violin (Royal Conservatory level 5 rn), Was on JV volleyball this year (B captain) and have been playing for 5 years. I am a Senior Officer in a cultural youth group that does community service.

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04/08/2020 at 03:17AM

First of all, ninth grade is really early and you shouldn't be stressing yourself out about college applications at this point. It's always good to be informed and aware of what you should be doing though. Make sure that you truly enjoy all the activities you are doing and that you're not doing them just for colleges - they can tell! As soon as your sure your doing this activities for the right reason, try to focus on taking initiative and gaining leadership positions. Science Olympiads also offers awards and that's a great way to distinguish yourself from other applicants. I would also recommend joining a pre-med club at your school to make sure that's what your interested in. Just going to a few meetings can help you gain a better sense of the program and you'll be able to meet people with similar interests. If there isn't a pre-med club, start one! Try drafting a club proposal while we're in quarentine and email it to whoever is in charge of new clubs at your school. Good luck!

04/08/2020 at 12:34AM

Ask yourself this question, are you enjoying what you’re doing? See, colleges can read through applicants and want students that are passionate about what they do. If someone is looking to major in creative writing or English, they may want to write books or poetry in order to demonstrate to colleges that they are following their passions. Your involvements within STEM and Medicine is very promising. The only advice I can truly give you is to do extracurriculars that best evoke your passions and talents. Since you are looking to apply for an accelerated track in medicine, I would continue to participate in Extracurriculars that are relevant to this area of study. If you’re looking to show colleges that you possess leadership and passion, you can try organizing a pre-med club at your school. Look into HOSA, the organization for future health professionals. Lastly, try to intern or shadow at a local hospital. This demonstrates your diligence and passion for learning and exploring your interests! I wish you the best of luck throughout your high school career. Remember, do what you love and do what best evokes your passions and skills. Only then will you achieve successful results during the college admissions process!

04/08/2020 at 01:55PM

I think you are good for ECs but if you want the extra mile you might be able to in junior or senior year shadow a vet be a tech or some other spot but after that it might just come down to essays and sat/act score but thats off in the far horizion