3 years ago
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Rescinded at UC Davis for a D in a-g class even though I've exceeded requirements?

I have a very low F in a comp sci class and my teacher explicitly stated that it would be impossible for me to get a C. He said that he would bump me up to a D- if I showed effort and turned in all my work on time. I have a crap ton of missing assignments but he said he wouldn't take them. My other grades have all fallen but they're not nearly as bad as this one. The UCD site said, "In many cases, we will be able to accommodate your changed schedule or help you find a way to make up a low grade. Failure to inform us of these changes can be grounds for admission denial." But does this only apply to extenuating circumstances such as illness, natural disaster, etc? I got myself in a lot of trouble and I have already decided I'm going here. I contacted admissions and they said they'd get back to me. I am more than willing to make up the class in community college, but my school said I can't drop the class bc it's too late. My school's policy is that D's pass but you can't go to a UC/CSU with one. It's very unlikely that my grade will go up to a C. Maybe a D-. I exceeded my a-g requirements aside from english and history which i'm doing fine in but the class still counts for gpa. am i screwed over? I don't think senioritis is an excuse but my mental health hasn't been great. I doubt they'll buy that tho and everyone is the same boat. This year waitlists are pretty long too. Is there any hope for me? I can try and work with my school but idk what else I can do since my teacher won't take my missing assigments.

Edit: Its technically an elective. In sophomore year I had A's and B's, junior year was all A's, and last semester I had A's, B's, and one C.

@bobb9 months ago

hi, if you dont mind me asking what happened? I'm in a similar situation and am freaking out right now, so if you could respond, I would know what to expect.

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3 years ago[edited]

I think you will get your application rescinded if you do nothing and hope for the best because there are just too many people on the waitlists this year that are dying to take your spot.

My recommendation to you is to offer a conditional acceptance to UC Davis based on you taking the class over during the summer either online or at a college. Tell them that you will shoot for the D- this semester in HS because that is the best your teacher is offering but shall repeat the Computer Science class over the summer with the intent of getting a better passing grade like a C, B, or A. I feel honesty is the best policy and tell them that you had some serious COVID-19 mental health issues.

Or just work on expunging the grade by talking it over with your high school and re-apply. Or pick a different college that you are not a risk of getting denied through rolling admissions.

What's done is done so you shouldn't focus too much on what could have been and focus on getting yourself back on track.

9 months ago

hey if you don’t mind me asking what ended up happening? i’m in a similar situation right now.

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