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Is there any way for me to raise my GPA from a 3.57 to a 3.8?

I'm currently a junior in high school, I realize the school year is about to end but is there any possible way to raise my unweighted GPA? I'm taking 4 APs right now and I intend on getting straight As this semester, I am also currently enrolled for 2 online summer honors classes to boost my GPA even more. If I get As in both online classes would it raise much more or should I sign up for more summer online courses? Thank you!

@ericac7 months ago

You should most definitely take summer courses, especially if you have a dual enrollment program in your district to take them with. If you don't, you could take some online honors courses to boost it. If you have less than the max amount of classes next year, take college courses or honors high school level classes.

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7 months ago

Without knowing the entirety of your transcript (which you shouldn’t provide), there is no way to asses an appropriate prediction—this being because GPA is calculated by a fraction meaning relative proportions must be known. However, one way to calculate the missing grade points is to take the initial numerator of the GPA fraction and add grade points to it to determine how much exactly (or close to) would be needed.

The “formula”: ( [5x “# of honors A’s”] [4x “# of A’s”] [3x “# of B’s”] [etc. x “etc.”]...) / (# of courses)

From this formula, you then must add classes, which I assume all of yours are going to be weighted at 5’s. To add this to you previous semesters, you need to calculate ALL grades leading to the final semester of Junior year FIRST and make sure that this calculation equates to 3.57 (or your GPA). Then, add classes to the bottom piece of the fraction that you plan to take senior year. If eight then add +8. Then, to the top piece, add to ( [5x {“# of honors A’s” +8}].... If it doesn’t raise it to at least 3.8, then add more classes.

This making the assumption the grade points for letter grades are as follows: weighted A is a “5”; an A (OR weighted B) is a “4”; a B is a 3; a C is a 2; etc. etc. If your school calculates grade points differently, then adjust the “#x” to suit your school’s scale. Or visit this site: ( https://academicanswers.waldenu.edu/faq/73219 ).

Hope this helped a bit!!


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