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What are some good extracurriculars if I want to go into Forensic Psychology?

I am looking to go into Forensic psychology and I want some extracurriculars to go along with it. I am not sure of what I could do...

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Good question, I never thought of that.

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Your extracurriculars do not necessarily have to relate to your intended major, but they should demonstrate well-roundedness and focus in 1–2 areas that you can claim your expertise.

Your intended major has more to do with your academics than your extracurriculars, although participating in Model United Nations, for example, may help for a political science major. The bottom line is to participate in a wide array of extracurriculars that show your well-roundedness.

However, if you are ambitious and want some leadership position (which is helpful in showing your leadership potential to college admissions), I suggest you create your own psychology themed club. To do that, you would need to find a good psychology teacher who can act as a club advisor. Your psychology teacher can also write you a strong letter of recommendation when you apply to schools.

I got this from quora, from this guy named Eric Eng


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