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What should i take if i want to be an economic foreign service officer in the future ?

It took me a while to figure out what i wanted to do when i grew up.But now that I have , i'm not sure where to start ??

what programs/activities/Classes/Community service should i apply to or complete ?

When i say Foreign Service officer i try to stir out of the political side, although I can handle it for sure but i want to know what i should do about the foreign and economic part (for now i only know the recommended AP's for these fields)

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3 years ago

One suggestion for the foreign service part would be to learn a language, or multiple languages, to a high degree of fluency. This will be helpful for anything related to becoming an FSO but also for future job prospects in general. Bonus points if you learn one of the critical languages that the government is looking for people to know. The US State Department also has scholarships and programs if you learn a critical language so that is something you also should check out.

You're going to want to show that you're motivated, have leadership skills, can think both critically and on your feet, and show that you can keep your composure when things get tense or difficult. I would look for things that interest you that you can tie to these skills. Some suggestions might be running for a position for your student government (maybe treasurer for the economic part you're looking for?) or if you don't want to run for student government try to get leadership positions in relevant clubs. I think if you can do Model UN then that might be something you would also want to consider. I know you mentioned you wanted to stay out of the political side but considering the large political side of being an FSO I wanted to include them.

Here is the state department critical language scholarship program: https://exchanges.state.gov/cls. I encourage you to check out all the other programs they offer too: https://exchanges.state.gov/us/find-programs.

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