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So I’ve been wondering about pre-med courses and medical school for a while, and it’s still a bit hard to understand given that a lot of sources are conflicted. Is there any condensed, basic summary of a pre-med course, how to establish you're in or aiming to get into one, and which classes to take for it? I know pre-med isn’t any one class, it’s a series of classes all related to it, but it’d be much appreciated if anyone can summarize it in a way that someone who’s new to the idea, like me, could understand. Thank you, :)

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Your answer starts on “Pre-med course:” and the intro paragraph was for any clarification of the medical school process.

Medical School Summary: From my research, I understand that four years of medical school is split in two halves. First and foremost, the beginning two years can be considered your “textbook years” where you spend most of the time in the classroom studying you specialty (which is essentially your med-school major). The latter two years can be considered your “clinical years” where you apply what you learned from you medical specialty in the classroom to clinics (though you are NOT the primary care physician but almost like an intern if not an intern). After this, you go on to residency in which you DO become a primary care physician.

Pre-med courses: these courses are essentially your basics. Think of the SAT; the basics were algebra, trig, etc. for MATH and grammar, writing style, punctuation, reader comprehension, etc. for R/W. All those prerequisite subjects were to get you into college. The same thing applies to med-school preparation. Instead it’s the MCAT. Some of these subjects entail organic chemistry, physics, calculus, biology, and a whole lot more!! So any course that prepares you for the medical school entrance exam—specifically called Medical College Admissions Test—can be considered a pre-med course. They essentially prep. you for any material that you may encounter in medical school.

The SAT / MCAT analogy is about as condensed as I can get it. Think of a pre-med course as an ELEMENTAL subject of med-school. Because from undergraduate years, you will only get more specific into your specialty. Hope this helps!!!! Good-luck on your medical journey and I’ll do my best on mine!!

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