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I'm a grade 9 students, what should I do concerning universities

Hi I'm a grade 9 students in a Canadian private school, with grade average of 96%.

I created a Scratch Account and Youtube channel making games and animations. On Scratch I'm the 7th most followed in Canada and 85th most followed internationally among 50 million users.

I also participated in Caribou math contest and I'm second in my province.

What should I do to improve my extracurricular? Is what I did in Scratch count for anything in any way? Thanks!

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@Madhulika14516 months ago

I started participating in extra curriculars and also in bluecross sites

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6 months ago

i would say start joining extra curricular activities at school, such as sports teams, clubs, anything like that. you also should stay consistent with that. colleges love to see consistency. what you did for scratch does count and continue doing it and put it on your applications as well. they love to see everyone’s different interests and such. good luck!


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