3 years ago
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ROSS School of Business at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Hey everyone! I recently got my March 13th SAT score back (1460), but since CollegeVine isn't really that into depth about ROSS. I was just wondering if I should retake the SAT because the incoming class of 2020 had an average SAT of 1480. Do you think I should be fine? Or should I try again? Also, do you think Karate is a unique sport? Could it help get me into ROSS or not? Thank you to whoever responds, by the way! :)

P.S., I'm a junior in High School


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3 years ago

Hi @Eshank12,

This is a good question. There are a lot of factors that would contribute to a decision on whether or not to retake the SAT. A couple of things to consider are what your demographics are (Ex. 1500 is less competitive for upper-mid class Asian males but more rare for other demographics), what schools you will be applying to, intended major (STEM or Humanities to know which section score should be highest), and the amount of time you have to increase your score.

Personally, I think that, if you have enough time and money to pay for another, you should study and retake the test. A slightly higher score never hurt anyone, and you may even be able to Superscore the test on your applications (Ex. Report 800 Math Score from March Test and 750 Eng. from April Test). You can also look at the PrepScholar article on setting a target SAT Score at the link below to help you make your decision.

In addition, since this was your first time, it would be great if you could get an even higher score the next time. You wouldn't be penalized for taking the test a second time, and (if you score higher on both sections), you could just report the second score instead of trying to Superscore. So, in that scenario, it would basically look like your first/only score for schools that don't request all scores.

In closing, retaking is always a great option with numerous benefits, but I implore you to consider the three factors that I mentioned and what you think is best for your circumstances.

Also, remember to keep things in perspective and keep your mind objective. A good way to do that is just trust that, in the end, everything will turn out okay because you are capable enough to make the right decisions to get where you need to go in life, even if this one proves to be a temporary setback.

Hope this helps!

PrepScholar Article on Target SAT Score: https://blog.prepscholar.com/what-is-a-good-sat-score-a-bad-sat-score-an-excellent-sat-score

PrepScholar Article on Whether or Not to Retake SAT: https://blog.prepscholar.com/should-you-retake-the-sat-or-act-3-step-process

3 years ago

In my opinion I would just stick with what your already have since it’s a really good score, and even if you get a higher score retaking the test, it takes away from the fact that it only took you 1 attempt to get a really competitive score.

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