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How can I increase my chances of getting into Harvard?

I'm worried I don't have high enough tiers for my extracurriculars, so what extracurriculars should I do? How can I get higher tiers? Also, how can I mark down ballet for my extracurricular? I'm a 9th grader at a private high school.

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4 years ago

Harvard does not have a seven-year med program, Brown is the only Ivy to have a direct med program. If you are looking for a direct medical program, extracurricular activities that have to do with science (of course) and hospitality (to show bedside care etc) are typically good. One good place to start is a local hospital if they have a volunteer program there. To get higher tiers, make sure you stick to your extracurriculars for some time. Since you're only in 7th, if you start something now, keep it until college; you'll have a good chance at ending up with a top-tier achievement for those activities.

If you want to go to Harvard through a general admission, applying with as a pre-med major will be enormously difficult. There are thousands who attempt to and it will be hard to be the top that end up getting selected. Therefore, make sure you have a wide array of top tier extracurriculars; I recommend DECA (business club) and NSDA (debate club) as strong in-school extracurriculars. Additionally, beginning your own club can be a great help to improve your resume and help the community, but make sure its a meaningful club that helps in the community, or is competition-based and has a lot of participants.

However, remember to still have some fun; if all you do is academics and school-related extracurriculars, these top colleges will worry that when you apply, you might not be willing to explore their wide array of courses available because you are dead set on your major. Good luck to you in the future!

P.S. I think dance qualifies as a sport but it might be a non-art competition, see which one fits better.

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