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3 years ago
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What schools are best for astronomy?

I'm wondering what schools offer the best astronomy programs. I live in the great lakes area

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3 years ago

Well, it depends on what "best" means for you. In the Great Lakes area, the most popular colleges for astronomy and astrophysics are Michigan State University, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign , and University of Wisconsin - Madison. As for universities with a main focus on astronomy and astrophysics, in the Great Lakes area, the best are Ohio Wesleyan University, Butler University, and Michigan State University. And obviously, all the Ivy Leagues are top and great options for astronomy and astrophysics. However, since the Ivy Leagues are so difficult to get into, I would recommend setting your sights for Michigan State University. Scrolling through the websites I attached below, Michigan State University came up several times, so I recommend it. If this didn't answer you're questions, I have a website with colleges that I used for this:




If you want to check out rankings for other factors, just scroll down a little, and look the side, click the category, then sort by location and click Great Lakes area.

I really hope this helps!


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