6 months ago
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Where has CollegeVine been all of my life?

This website is sincerely THE BEST in the business. Literally, Cappex.com, CollegeSimply.com, and Bold.org cannot compete. If there was an award for being the most reliable, trustworthy, and amazing college resource website, CollegeVine would win it, no questions asked.

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6 months ago

Facts, I am happy that I have found this. This has been a huge help to my life.


6 months ago

Yes, I agree with you as a Junior in high school CollegeVine has helped me learn more about college and what they look for I love this website!


6 months ago

I know right? I totally agree


6 months ago

That's truueeeeee! I really appreciate all of the efforts put in CollegeVine!


6 months ago[edited]

Off topic, but is Niche a good and reliable site? I follow them on Instagram and use their app.

I really love Collegevine, but it would be helpful if I could use more than just one site

🎤6 months ago


I've used Niche.com, and I would say that it's reliable (not as much as this one). I only use it to learn about the area of a college I'm interested in. For all other information, I use this website. If you want to venture to other websites, you could try CollegeSimply or CirkledIn.com.

Hope this helped!


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