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Early Action confusion!

Well, if I apply to MIT during early application, am I allowed to apply in Harvard restrictive early action same time? As MIT is non-binding, can I apply to other private unis of USA at the same time which are non-binding?


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9 months ago

Since MIT early action is non-binding, you would be able to apply to both public universities and other non-binding private universities. However, you would not be able to apply to Harvard since it is a restrictive early action program. The following is taken directly from the Harvard website:

If you apply to Harvard under our Restrictive Early Action program, you may also apply early to non-binding public or foreign colleges/universities (no Early Decision programs), but you may not apply early (in any form) to U.S. private colleges/universities. Similarly, you may apply to an Early Decision II program or a private rolling admission program after you receive your Restrictive Early Action admissions decision from us (typically in mid-December). Public or foreign rolling-admission programs are allowed at any time if non-binding.



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