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Are there any free summer programs hosted by universities for high school students?

I checked the Ivy league schools and all of them cost money so I was wondering if there are any colleges out there that provide free programs for high school juniors?

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a year ago

I believe Notre Dame’s leadership summer academies are free except for the application fee.

Carnegie Mellon has a few free ones from their list of options.

MIT Mites is free but intended for URMs I believe. (Canceled for this year)

There are others of you did deeper.

However, deadlines have passed for this summer. Most of them tend to have Jan-Mar deadlines.

5 months ago

If you're low-income, you can apply for ones like Harvard SSP and YYGS that have pretty generous financial aid (I went to HSSP last year totally for free). If you're not low-income, this CollegeVine blog post might help: https://blog.collegevine.com/most-prestigious-summer-programs-for-high-school-students/

Most of the ones on that list are free or offer great financial aid, though they're also really competitive. Good luck and have fun!

10 months ago

There definitely is a summer program for certain schools, but I believe it's highly competitive and most colleges look for academically intelligent students to take the spot for summer programs. I also believe that for some summer programs you have to be junior or above. I am pretty sure the date has passed, but you can still look on the website of the university you want a summer program from or chat with them to figure out more info. Hope this helps!


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