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A level computer science requirements


I am currently residing in Singapore and am doing my A-levels. I wish to apply to undergraduate computer science course but am not able to locate the subject and grade requirements for my particular course. I am also doubtful whether I should take further math or not. Could someone please help me out on whether further math is required as well as what subjects are required for admission into computer science through A levels. This question is specific to Duke


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7 months ago


I’m not sure they state a specific Grade requirement you need. It is not like schools in other countries (I.e the UK ) where the school will state a minimum grade level in order to be given an offer/interview. To get into Duke you will need to have all As /A+s and have chosen challenging subjects. While further maths is not necessary, it will show that you are challenging yourself and overcoming obstacles. It would likely make your application competitive if you could also do well in it.

Hope that helps.



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