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What would be the suitable intended major as I'm getting confused

I most probably want to be a scientist who works in a lab and do researches mostly about drugs, vaccines, and the microorganisms. However, when I look at majors, I find so many overlapping ones and I can't decide which one will be my intended major in my application. I googled them but I still couldn't differentiate between them. May someone advise me please about which major would be the most suitable? (biology - biotechnology - biomedical science)

@AveryB9338166 months ago

I would stick with something like biology or biotech or something that is fairly flexible for going into similar fields, you could find people with the job you want and ask what degree they have or just do whatever seems most interesting to you.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@sosi6 months ago

okay, thank you!

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Hi there! Those majors can mean different things at different schools, and some aren't even offered at some schools. Anything that gives you an understanding of modern biology and the techniques and tools used to discover those principles would be a good major. Biology is usually a safe choice, though the best major for you may be Biochemistry, especially for lab work. Hope this helps!


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