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If you were accepted to an Ivy, what were all of your extracurriculars?

I have done this once before. I am hoping for some more answers. I really appreciate it! And don't worry if you think you sound like you are bragging. I asked for it. A detailed breakdown of your ECs would be super helpful! I am just trying to get an idea of what I need to improve for my ECs and plan for my next 3 yrs of high school.

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YouTube is going to be a key source. Here is an extracurricular list example from someone who got into Yale

1.founder, STEM sclub

2. prestigious summer program for astrophysics

3. comedy club secretary

4. founded a local community service project

5. church leadership

6. made the school improv workshop

7. jv bowling

8. rotary club

9. family responsibilities.


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School ECs

-Team Captain Varsity Sport

-3 years ASB student leadership

-Editor and Chief of Newspaper

-Editor of Creative Writing Journal

-Editor of online 'Zine'

-School SITE council ( for curriculum strategy )

-School board member for diversity council

Community ECs

-Clubs sports (swimming/water polo)

-Chairperson - School District DEI Advisory Committee

-Board Member - Student Rep. City Parks and Recs

-Steering Committee - City Library Literacy Outreach program

-Board Member Community Anti-racist group

- Member of about 10 activist groups including BLM rep for my HS.

- Volunteer for various Senate/Congressional candidates 2020

Academic ECs

-24 Credits Dual Enrollment (all As)

-6 College Credits (all As)


-Horatio Alger Scholar

-Semifinalist US Presidential Scholars Program (final round is in May)

-3rd round finalist Alexander Hamilton Scholars

-AP Scholar w/Distinction


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