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What's unique about UPenn, compared to other top schools?

UPenn has always been my dream school, and I'm considering ED there. Before I commit to that, I want to know what really stands out about UPenn, other than its name. Thank you!

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Considering it's your "dream school", shouldn't you know what makes it special. But to answer to your question, at an undergrad level one you can attend one of the 4 schools, CAS, SEAS, Nursing and the infamous Wharton school. Most notably Wharton is a strong brand name in the business world and it opens up many doors for you at an undergrad level which only a few universities offer. Also the Nursing school is quite popular as is it's a viable pre-med track to the best of my knowledge.

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I didn't go to UPenn but we do have some livestreams with UPenn students I would encourage you to check out. A similar question was asked and here was the response:

Penn is comprised of four colleges: The College of Arts and Sciences, Penn Engineering, Wharton, and the School of Nursing. The university encourages interdisciplinary learning, recognizing that knowledge doesn't exist in silos and the traditional link between a certain major and career is coming undone. Penn’s educational philosophy also emphasizes service. Many courses encourage students to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in class to the real-world. Some courses, like ABCS and Global Seminars, are intentionally structured for students to do just this. Penn also boasts some notably unique classes! Honorable mention includes Living Deliberately: Monks, Saints, and the Contemplative Life a course where students adhere to monastic practices for a semester.

Penn has exceptional research facilities and opportunities. Especially in STEM.

Unlike other ivies located in/around a city, Penn is said to feel less like island in an urban sea and more like an open city campus. It’s also the second largest Ivy right after Cornell.

Some facilities unique to Penn include:

-Archaeology & Anthropology museum

-Institute of Contemporary Art

-Morris Arboretum

-Cyclotron Facility

And more!


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