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Will Additional Coursework help redeem the bad grade?

Hi, I’m a junior in High School. I received a C+ in Biology (H) the first semester. I’m hoping to receive a B- or a B for the second semester. I took Intro to psychology last summer and received an A. I’m taking two more this summer: Creative Writing and Global Affairs. Will this help make up for that bad grade? Also I made a B in Algebra 2, which I’m not so proud of. I’m hoping to make an A the second Semester. Other grades I made that were not A’s include when I made a B- in Geometry (H) my first semester of my Sophomore year and a B+ the second semester. I also made an 89 and n physics the first semester of my freshman year. Overall, I would like to know will these courses benefit me and redeem the grades that I made that weren’t A’s?

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Hello! I am also a junior in high school. During my freshman year, I made my first C in my World History class during my second semester. In my first semester, my grade was at a B for that class. If you have ever seen your transcript (I have seen mine), the school average your grade from the first and second semester and my average was at a B. To answer your question about the additional courses, if they are not needed towards your high school diploma but you are still doing them and get good grades, it will show colleges that you are a dedicated student. They may be able to redeem your grades that you are not proud of (if you do well on them). It will show colleges your growth over time! I hope this helps.


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