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Subject requirements - slacking?

Hello again! Coming back with a new question.

All colleges/universities have subject requirements that you have to have, or at least “strongly recommend”, as you know.

Since I attended high school in Sweden, where we pick programs an not courses, I’m slacking in some of them.

These are the courses I took while in high school. 2 are electives (civil law and English 7), and the rest are requirements for my elected program, social science programme, behavioural science. This means that the focus was on social science courses, and I was not allowed to choose any other courses, like extra mat or science.

2 math courses

1 science courses

3 English courses

5 foreign language courses

14 social science courses

1 P.E course

1 senior essay on a topic of your own choice

Will colleges be understanding of this, or will I be at a huge disadvantage? And if at a disadvantage, how much?

I don’t know if it matters, but my major will be in political science or history/philosophy.

Also, if it matters, we are not talking Ivy leagues here. I’m looking at average or above average schools, like BGSU, WSU, CMU, WIU etc, no A+ schools :)


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3 years ago

I should preface this by saying that I can't truly know what any particular admissions officer would think of your transcript. My guess would be that most would try not to disadvantage you in the process because of your transcript, since a lot of schools also have an admissions process for homeschooled students, who in some cases can have equally unusual transcripts. However, my understanding is that that process relies more on other factors besides coursework. For example, will you be taking any general standardized exams (SAT, ACT, etc.) ? Are your grades good in the courses which you took? Moreover, it might be a good idea to ask some of the admissions officers at these school about this issue.

3 years ago

No, you can't really control how your school runs and colleges will definitely understand that. They just want to see which student makes the most of their oppurtunities. Try to take the most challenging course load as possible without spreading yourself too thin.

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