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Do the preperations for NEET [Indian medical school entrance test] make for an impressive application for pre med in US?

I am currently studying in india and i have just completed my 10th grade. I have taken admission in an integrated school which will prepare me for the 12th board exams as well as the NEET Exam [ National eligibility cum entrance test] for applying to medical schools in india. But as i am a citizen of the US i would like to take the advantage of studying medicine in the States. I was wondering if the preperations for the NEET exam will help me make my application for pre med programs more impressive.

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2 years ago

I'm a bit confused on what exactly you would be putting on your application? If it's just the fact that you are preparing/prepared for NEET than I would say no, that's not going to make your application more impressive. Also, just keep in mind that there isn't actually a pre-med major to apply for, you can major in whatever you want before applying for med school. You should focus on improving your profile as much as possible for the major you want to apply for and then focus on doing well in college before applying to med school.


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