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Am I prepared or not? What to do to improve?

I wish to major in Political Science in college, but haven't started early enough?


9th Grade:

US History ll Honors insead of AP US History. (AP US History was a yearlong course, only AP offered, and I didn't take it because my 8th grade teacher didn't recommend me for it, I can't take this class again because my school doesn't offer it for upperclassmen)

English Honors

Algebra l Honors

Spanish l

Earth and Space Honors

Intro to theatre

ECs: Not many, Theatre(Continued from middle school), Pathfinders.

10th Grade: (Currently In)

Government Honors(Only AP offered this year, Self studying for AP Gov)

Geometry Honors

Algebra ll honors

Chemistry honors

English honors

Biolofy honors

Spanish ll

Spanish lll honors

Theatre 2

(Plan to take Pre-Calculus, Spanish 4 and American History at a community college in the summer)

ECs: 2 appointed leadership positions, Letters for Rose, Student Government County level, blogger for UNICEF, Journalist for online newsletters, Theatre, Tutor, Y&G

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I do plan to take AP Calc AB, AP Literature, AP microeconomics, AP Euro, AP human geography, AP psychology, AP comparative politics, AP language and composition, AP Statistics, AP enviromental science, AP World and AP macroeconomics my Junior and Senior year and to get more involved in the United States government/continuing jornalism to promote change? I'm trying to get into a top 20 school, what can I do?

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6 months ago[edited]

I would say you are very well prepared, academically wise!

It’s clear that you are highly motivated, which is fantastic! However, make sure you are not overdoing it. Don’t take courses you are not interested in, just because you feel you need to or because it looks good on paper.

Extracurriculars are very important for the top schools. Things like sports, volunteering, internships etc. You already have a good amount of extracurriculars, but if you have the opportunity, look for even more ones, or if you can achieve higher positions etc.

If you continue like this and prepare for the SAT/ACT and get a great score, you will certainly have a chance at the top 20 schools.

But just remember that the competition is fierce at those schools, and they regularly turn down top applicants, because they simply cannot accept everyone.

Continue like this, and you have a real shot at getting into some amazing schools.

The very best of luck to you! :)

6 months ago

You've certainly accomplished a lot for a sophomore! Classes like economics, psychology, comparative politics, and foreign languages are great classes to take for your desired major. Honors and AP classes will really help out as well. You're definitely on the right track for a major in political science. If you keep going with your current plan, I have no doubt you'll do well in that field. Best of luck to you!

6 months ago

What did you not already do? Lol. You are more than prepared when it comes to coursework, @Ivybeam! The real task will be the ACT/SAT score you receive. Once you take that, then you can alter your options and decide which school is for you.

Good luck to you!

6 months ago

Extracurriculars. You can take all the APs in the world but you will not get into an amazing school without amazing extracurriculars. They are just as important if not more as grades as classes.


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