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Online affordable AP COURSES?

I am a almost a junior now and I haven't taken 1 AP course also. I have signed up for AP comparative and American government. So only 2 and planning to take few more during my senior year to get into Ivy League schools. But I want to take AP courses online that gives transcripts and credits. Please let me know if you know any AP COURSES offerings for affordable price.


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8 months ago

I know my school works with an online program called Edgenuity where you can sign up for classes and they offer plenty of APs. I'm not sure if it's free for individual use, so if that doesn't help, maybe try signing up for programs like Coursera or edX which allow several different types of classes and some model introductory college courses. I'm sure there are programs like them that offer AP classes.

8 months ago

Ok, I am going to link some stuff below for self-taught AP classes. I would recommend going to your counselor/vice principal/registrar/local public school if you are private/homeschooled and tell them that you are interested in self teaching AP cirriculum and then taking the test with the students enrolled in the class. You may have to pay the AP exam fee but that is the only way to get college credit.

Here is the grade you need based on each AP class and college in order to get college credit:


Here is the resource I use the most to self teach my AP US history class since my teacher is horrible-- you might like AP US History (APUSH). It also has AP Physics, AP stats, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Enviro Science, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Physics 2, AP microecon, AP macroecon, AP art history, AP US gov and politics, and AP computer science.


Hope this helps!


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