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I am starting to become really passionate about bioethics and the ethics of medicine and health care. I think this is what I want to major in in college as I go on a pre-med track. I'm currently a junior so I have a little bit of time to decide what I want to do but while I think about my future plans I want to dive deeper into bioethics since it's my current passion. However, my school doesn't offer any type of club or class where I can explore the subject and when I look for online courses it is almost non-existent because bioethics is a fairly newer subject. Does anyone share my interest in bioethics and/or has any idea where or how I can explore this interest? Also, does anyone know if it's a possibility to have bioethics as a major and still be on the pre-med track?


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9 months ago

I'd say that since bioethics does relate to the field of medicine, being in the pre-med track is a great start to pursuing that career. My advice would be to do a little more research as to what certain colleges require for a major in bioethics. If you want to find more people interested in that field, online communities would be a great place to look. Best of luck to you in your career!


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