3 years ago
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What Classes Are You All Taking Next School Year? Any Fun New Extracurriculars?

Now that we are nearing the end of the school year, I'm curious on what classes everyone is taking. This is the same for extracurriculars, any fun hobbies you have picked up? :)

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3 years ago

starting a business!


3 years ago

I'm taking Advanced Choir, Pre-Calc, English III, AP Bio, French III, AP Microeconomics, and Art I as a junior next year!


3 years ago

I'm taking Honors Algebra 2, Honors Chem, Honors English 10, AP World, AP Euro, Social Media Marketing and French

I'm going to be a Sophmore moving states so this is my schedule for the following school year :))


3 years ago

I'm taking precalc, art history, art in world cultures, AP English, AP environmental science, Spanish III, sociology: introduction, American government & Econ, and maybe forensic science, depending on if i'm allowed to take seven classes per semester. It's going to be my last year of HS so I want to make the most of it. For hobbies I'm going to take learning Chinese more seriously.


3 years ago

I'm taking Advanced Honors Chemistry, Advanced Honors Algebra I and II, Advanced Honors French III, Advanced Honors Literature, AP Human Geography, and Advanced Band. I'm a freshman going into sophomore next year!


3 years ago[edited]

I'm taking World History AP, Honors English II, Anatomy& Physiology, Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, Academic decathlon, Health Science Theory, Spanish III AP as a sophomore next year.

For ECs, I'm starting a non-profit, probably gonna try to find research opportunities, maybe an internship if it's available, gonna try to get into HOSA, Gonna start a blog/website, try to enter some competitions, and see If I win, also gonna try to find job shadowing opportunities, volunteer work, and finally going to join a few clubs I'm ACTUALLY passionate about.

ALSO, I'm gonna try to self-teach myself the piano

There's going to be a lot of trials and errors, but I'll make sure NOT to overwhelm myself! XD

I'm working it out as the day goes by but, so far that's what I got! :))


3 years ago

Classes: Honors pre-calc, AP english (whatever its called), AP Bio, AP Chem, world history, advanced French 4, and the stupid required gym class.


3 years ago

I plan to do early admission (college full time) at my community college my senior year! I haven't chosen classes yet, though, haha! I imagine that I'll be taking Intro to Philo, English Composition 2, Intro to Chemistry, and Advanced Algebra the first semester. Also, for ECs: mentoring 9th graders in the HIPP program, hopefully interning at a psychiatric hospital, and continue with my research opportunities.


3 years ago

I'm a senior next year and I've already finished my required classes so I get to just pick whatever. I'm taking:

- AP Calculus BC

- Human Physiology II

- AP Physics

- Spanish 4

- Latin

- Honors Advanced Literature and Composition

For EC's I'm continuing to participate in the Congressional Award program,(going for the gold medal!!!) I'm interning at a local startup, and I'm working on research at a university.

Good luck to you all!


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