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Did anyone get into an IVY

Name the Ivy you got into

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6 months ago

My friend got into an Ivy—Columbia U. Her stats were: top of class (Valedictorian); 4 AP’s Junior year; some AP’s senior; president of student counsel; president of school Beta Club; president of Mu Alpha Theta; many volunteer hours; perhaps adored by her teachers (for recommendations); and probably some other things she doesn’t tell me lol (like summer classes, job experience, etc.). I had similar stats it’s just they were “member” rather than “president” and I’m fifth in the class, though I think she definitely deserves it as our school is in rural West Virginia!

Furthermore, though odd for the reputation our school has, we’ve had several students get accepted into Ivies and Ivy+ for the four years I’ve been there. From HS c/o ‘18 one went to Brown U. and one went to West Point U. (like the military college equivalent of an Ivy); from HS c/o ‘20 one went to Brown U. and another to UChicago; and now this year, that I know of, Columbia U.

I think if our school (division AAA, rural, low Niche grade) has developed hard working souls like those respetable individuals, then I think almost anything can happen from any school.


6 months ago

And if you got into an ivy please put your stats and ECs.


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