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does Uc berkely have any major for medcine

i wanna be sure before i start applying since i wanna study gyneacology

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6 months ago

UC Berkeley does not have a pre-med major, but you able to go to medical school with any undergrad major from UC Berkeley as long as you have certain credits. These credits are 2 years Chemistry, 1 year Physics, 1 year Biology, and sometimes Biochemistry. These are just the minimum credits you would need to get if Berkeley to go to medical school.

I would recommend majoring in something related to Biology or Chemistry, as they will be helpful if pursuing a Medical school path. But you will be able to study gynecology in the future regardless of your major, as long as you take the required credits.

Here is a document describing this in more detail: https://admissions.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/docs/Pre-Med.pdf

Hope this helps!


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