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Can colleges see my college vine email if I turn on profile visibility?

I want to make my profile visible to colleges and admission officers, but I am using a personal email for college vine. I do not want to get college emails from this account, and would rather get them from a different email. Do I have to change my college vine email in order to avoid getting emails on my personal email? Or is my email hidden from admissions officers?


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9 months ago[edited]

They can see your account info. Just basic student information that you have for provided for your sake and their sake. They can only see the email you put on college vine if your profile is visible to others. It could be a good thing to put your profile visibility on so that if they feel you are a great fit for the school. They can get a grip on you now. Who knows, you might get emails from a college you are unfamiliar with but it can be your future. But only if you want it to be and if it it has a lot to offer you.


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