3 years ago
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UPDATE on IVY DAY! Acceptance Rates Historical LOWS!

Not a big surprise but all Ivys recorded historical low rates.

Actual from today!

3.43% Harvard

3.66% Columbia

3.98% Princeton

4.62% Yale

5.45% Brown

5.68% UPenn

6.17% Dartmouth

8.56% Cornell just in.

My predictions from 3/18, 3 weeks ago.

Harvard 1.9% down from 3.2%, overall acceptance rate, 2.9% vs 4.9% (57000 apps received up 42%)

Columbia 3% down from 5.1%, overall acceptance rate 3.7% vs 6.1% (60548 apps received up 51%)

Princeton overall acceptance rate 4.6% (no Early Action this cycle) vs. 5.6% (37000 apps received up 13%)

Yale 4% down from 5.1%, overall acceptance rate 5.1% vs 6.5% (approx 45000 apps received up 30%)

Brown 4.5% down from 5.4%, overall acceptance rate 5.1% vs 6.9% (46469 apps received up 26%)

UPenn 5% down from 6%, overall acceptance rate 6.5% vs 8.1% (56,000 apps received up 34%)

Dartmouth overall acceptance rate 6.9% versus 9.1% (28338 apps received up 32%)

Cornell 7% down from 8.7%, overall acceptance rate 8.2% vs 10.9% (68500 apps received up 33%)


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4 answers

3 years ago

omg that is so low!!!! I'm a freshman. I hope that the rates won't be that way when I apply.

3 years ago

me, a sophomore who wants to go to an ivy seeing these: 👁👄👁

3 years ago

I’d certainly like to make the statement that this pattern extends to Ivy+ Schools as Duke University (my desired college) received a ~49,600 applicants for an increase in 25% as compared to last year’s (and the normal) 31,000-32,000 applications they received. This all in comparison to their admissions class size of about 1,700; amounting to about a 3.4-4.0% acceptance rate.

Unfortunately I didn’t get in through RD, but I suppose this played a large factor.

Suggestions for upcoming admissions cycles: if you are seeking the best chances, after this year, I strongly recommend making a full application for early decision—as the admission rates for ED vs RD are about twice to thrice as much (this is typically the case but the rates this year are not official yet). [ https://www.ivycoach.com/2023-ivy-league-admissions-statistics/ ].

Furthermore, it’d be wise to seek “that one” outstanding factor that would separate you among the rest—and when it comes to Ivy League, that factor must be VERY promising. Factors such as captain of the team, class president, and club leadership simply won’t cut it anymore (don’t know if it ever did for these schools). What would be the best EC’s are the ones that really put you out there; i.e. that earn you statewide/national/international recognition (the greater the better). This could be cutting-edge research; founding a community club; organizing a local service (food pantry, etc.); national academic competitions; etc. This would certainly allow all school’s in general to receive a glimpse at your ability to take initiative and to do well not only for yourself but for your communities.

And, when it comes to test scores... it’s best not to apply test-optional. In all honesty I think too many applicants this year had the mindset that “if I apply test-optional, I may actually have a better shot” when really that isn’t the case as we see now. All test-optional may mean in its actuality is that scores won’t hurt too much but can help significantly. So apply with them!

Also don’t let this discourage you ever!! It’s been a repeated pattern of Ivy admissions to trickle lower and lower in their acceptance rates. It just so becomes obvious as, for whatever reason, everyone decided to apply at top-colleges, more so as “hopefuls” rather than “prospective students”. And of course this is just one person’s advice, someone may have something a lot more better than mine and is more full-proof. Furthermore these are not entirely requirements to even be considered but suggestions to raise your personal chances.

Hope this helps any disheartened students out there!!

3 years ago

good luck anyone! from a current hs junior

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