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Seven Sister Colleges

So the seven sister colleges are partnered with ivy leagues and i can’t decide whether I want to major in economics or something in business. Most of the liberal arts colleges don’t offer business majors but do offer economics and since most are partnered with other schools, would it be possible for me to apply as an economics major, and be able to take business classes at another school. For example, I apply to Barnard College to study economics, and then I would also want to take business management classes at Columbia. Would this also work as a double major so I could get both business and economic degrees?


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7 months ago

Hey, just wanted to clarify not all sister colleges are partnered with Ivies, just Barnard. However, you would be able to take business classes and maybe have a major with Columbia. I hope this helps!

7 months ago

I don't believe that you'd be able to get a double major. This is because Columbia itself doesn't offer a Business major but a concentration, and because Barnard doesn't offer the major either. http://bulletin.columbia.edu/columbia-college/departments-instruction/business/

That said, you generally don't need a major in Business to work in the field! I went to a liberal arts college where there was no business major at all, and many of my classmates went into consulting, finance, and business development.


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